Monday, 15 March 2010

Road Vehicles ready to roll

Very subtle weathering and a few tiny extra details enhances this Oxford Diecast Mini van

I enjoy my job at the best of times but after such a tiring weekend, I can't wait to get back to work this morning. For a rest! Plastering a large bedroom one day, only to have to move 2 tons of cow manure the next. Needless to say that my whole body is a bit tender today!

Anyway, I've been up bright and early and just photographed a series of OO gauge road vehicles that I spent last week sprucing up. Inspired by a recent entry on Chris Nevard’s blog (, I decided to complete a long-running job to detail and titivate a handful of cars, vans and trucks. Amongst the crowd was this lovely green Ford Consul (Classix Pocketbond) and a Mini van in British Coal colours for my Maudetown Colliery layout.

What a beauty! The Ford Consul looks better for new glazing, wing mirrors and a matt finish

There's a few others, some featuring detailed interiors and all with added wing mirrors, wipers, improved glazing (where necessary) and the odd driver at the wheel. Look out for a full demo in Model Rail in due course (I have yet to write the article up!). As for the rest of this week, it's looking like more Supertest trials and write-ups, one last Heljan 33 to finish (out of a trio), some Geoscenics wagon loads and a DC Kits CIE generator van kit to test-build and paint. Plus a jaunt to Hattons tommorrow to wave goodbye to the Class 14 review sample. I still can't decide whether to buy one for myself... my heart says YES but my bank balance is shaking its head.
We shall see...

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