Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Irish Cement Wagon (& another BR 21t) Completed

The Model Irish Railways resin kit for an Irish Rail cement wagon is now complete and weathered and is looking good. This has been an enjoyable project and I'm starting to save my pennies before ordering a few more of these kits to run behind my Bachmann '181'. In fact, the loco and wagon now have pride of place on the bookshelf over my workbench - hopefully in the hope of inspiring me to devise a suitable micro layout for them to trundle over.

Not having many colour images of the real wagon to hand, I used a DVD from Telerail as an inspiration. Railfreight Today: Ireland is a great programme (and it's only a tenner!), although it's a few years old now. It contains lots of fasciniating freight workings across the whole of the Irish Republic, including lots on the various cement flows. Clich here for a link to Telerail's website.

I had imagined that these cement wagons would show characteristic white weathering streakings from the powder material that they carry. However, having watched the programme, they appear to just carry general 'track dirt', as the commodity is carried in palleted, sealed bags. It pays to check these things beforehand!

A full review of the wagon kit will appear in Model Rail soon.

At last, my Bachmann '181' diesel has something to haul!

Just fitting on my little scenic plinth, the loco and wagon have pride of place on my bookshelf.

Also just off the production line is another Chivers BR 21t mineral wagon - part of a rake of 8 that I'm constructing, each one having a small difference. In this case, it's a through-air-piped example, TOPS coded as MDW (rather than the more usual MDV).

A few of these wagons received through-air-piping for use in AB services

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