Having fitted the PH Designs etched detailing kit (and cocked up the ladders), I gave my Dapol 'Silver Bullet' a suitably weathered finish. What a difference it makes from the toy-like shine of the 'chromed' barrel. It's funny how you only get to appreciate a model's quality once you've made it really dirty...

Happily, Peter at PH Designs has taken pity on my cack-handed approach to building the ladders and has offered to send me a replacement set, so I'm going to have another go. Watch this space...


  1. George that does look an amazing transformation from the 'chrome' finish. I was quite taken with Dapol's factory weathering on these wagons, but yours is definitely more subtle and shows the benefit of applying your own finish.

  2. Hi James,
    Thanks for the comment. Dapol's factory weathered Silver Bullets are pretty good for mass-produced models. But you can't beat a bespoke job. Besides, it only took a couple of hours and was great fun. So much so that I got myself another 'bullet' from Hattons yesterday to have another go!

  3. Hi George,
    I see from your blog that you have recently weathered a Dapol Silver Bullet, unfortunately I cannot contact through that site.
    Are you able to let me have a few details as to how you weathered these please....unfortunately I have 11 to do!
    Kind regards
    Hi Tarik,
    Chris Nevard passed on your message, but I don't have an Email address to reply to directly. The Silver Bullet was weathered with an airbrush, using various shades of enamel paint. I'm thinking about putting together a demo for Model Rail for sometime in the future. Keep an eye on this Blog for more details...


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