More kit building allows new model filler to be tested

Another coal wagon kit is nearing completion, this time being a BR 21t hopper (Parkside Dundas). I’ve been building up a good head of steam with my wagon building in the past six weeks and am planning a few more over the Festive break (wife permitting). All this recent work in plastic has also allowed me to test a number of new glue and filler products that have been under development. But more on these at a later date….

The Parkside hopper body goes together nicely, although there are bound to be areas that need filling. A good quality putty that can be sanded super-smooth is essential if the repairs are to be seamless.
The BR vac-fitted hopper is a lovely kit to build, but it requires much more work than many of Parkside’s other kits. Not surprising, given the complexity of the real thing. Once you reach the stage of fitting the chassis and all the various hopper support brackets, it starts to look like a wagon at last!


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