New Hornby LNER 'subs' under the microscope.

In between the laborious job of lining the Jones Goods 4-6-0 kit, that I'm aiming to finish for the New Year (stay tuned for progress reports), I've been casting my eyes over a pair of brand new Hornby LNER non-gangway suburban carriages, rendered in the eye-catching 'natural teak' livery. They may not suit any of my own current layout projects, but they're pretty fetching nonetheless. Look out for the full appraisal in Model Rail issue 166, out on January 26th.

If anyone is in the Liverpool area tomorrow (Tuesday 20th), be sure to pop along to the big 65th birthday bash at Hattons. There's free festive refreshments and lots to see and do (plus some great offers and competitions). I can't make it over there myself, but it sounds like it's going to be a super shebang!


  1. Ooh! Is is going to be a Jones Goods in Improved Engine Green like dear old 103 wears today here in Glasgow?

  2. These are very interesting and I was very taken with the crispness of the mouldings when seeing the examples at Model Rail Live.

    I'm quite keen to see one in faded worn looking teak but with British Railways numbering - 1953 and all that....

  3. Hi Guys - thanks for the comments.
    Chris: it's funny you mention the scruffy teak look with BR numbering as Ben has hinted at me trying to recreate this, so that's another possible project for the new year!

    Rob: the Jones Goods is, indeed, going to be 103 but in the dodgy yellow scheme that BR applied in the 1950s. I'm currently going cross-eyed trying to line it out...!

  4. Are they the same coaches as were used in the quad art sets George. If so would it be possible to fit the articulating bogies?

  5. Hi Faulcon1.
    I'm no expert on LNER rolling stock (more of an LMS/BR man), but I think they are very similar to the quad-art sets. Although I have a feeling that it wouldn't be as simple as just adding articulating bogies without modifying the bodies as well.
    I seem to remember hearing about a similar project being undertaken recently, but can't remember where or by whom. It might be worth putting a search on RM Web (www.rmweb.co.uk) and see if anything comes up.


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