New resin casting kit on test for Model Rail mag

Having received a review sample of Sylmasta's new resin casting kit, we decided to offer readers a full low-down on the basics of creating your own moulds and how to cast your own components. The kit includes silicon rubber compound, for creating the moulds, plus two-pack polyurethane resin, release agent, measuring cups, stirrers and full instructions. All you need to provide is plasticine/clay to help form the pattern, some material to build a mould box and the master object to be copied.

Here, I've made a mould using a turned wood master of a Wifi roof dome for a GNER/East Coast Mk4 DVT. As you can see, the moulds are made in two halves and they're now ready for the resin to be injected. Look out for the full demo of this useful technique in Model Rail issue 191 - out Dec 26th.


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