Small scale farm diorama finished

Now that the farm has been populated, the scene looks much more credible, with a small herds of Friesian cattle, sheep and a handful of horses grazing in the fields. There's also a pair of pigs in a sty and an assortment of agricultural machinery in the sheds and barn, all courtesy of the Lytchett Manor Models set of whitemetal figures, animals and equipment.

Fitting into a 12x16inch scene, I've managed to cram quite a lot into the space, although I'm just lacking a stable block for the horses. However, if I ever get around to setting this into an 'N' gauge layout, I'll work out something at the end of the muddy lane. I'll also need at least one field planted with an arable crop, to justify the presence of the threshing machine and mechanical harvester.

Look out for the farm-building article in Model Rail issue 192!


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