O gauge Hudswell, Clarke provides an interesting new project

This splendid Ixion Models ready-to-run 7mm scale locomotive is the current subject on the Dent workbench. With a few detail additions and improvements to make, I'm also converting it to a more authentic industrial appearance. As only an occasional dabbler in larger scale models, this is proving a welcome diversion - especially as my last project was in 2mm scale! Indeed, it feels like my eyeballs are being given a well-earned rest, without the need to scrutinise things so closely and I've managed to come up with a very effective way of recreating roughly oxy-acetalene-cut and hand-hammered sheet steel.

For the full story on this loco upgrade, look out for the article that's going into Model Rail magazine, issue 192 - out 23 January. In the meantime, though, I'll post some finished pix here before then.


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