A little progress to report - but still not finished!

There hasn't been a great deal of modelling going on in the Dent Workshop in the past few weeks, with much more in the way of editorial and admin tasks to take care of. However, I have managed a few hours on my Airfix Spitfire, with the canopy now painted and fitted, along with the propeller and a few finishing touches to the weathering. All that's missing now is the antenna and wire, plus the wheels. I've also just ordered a neat little display case from Hattons which should keep the finished model safe on my desk.

Having just cleared my desk, I should now be free to get on with some practical work, although a bit of research is needed. The next project in line is a Bachmann ROD 2-8-0, a prototype I know very little about, so I've started swotting up on their careers and searching out some prototype images in a quest for inspiration...


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