Bachmann model modified and primed

Having gone under the knife for some moderately invasive surgery, the Bachmann 'ROD' 2-8-0 has been primed pending the application of the livery coats. I've kept the loco in bits for now as the primer was expected to (and did) show up some imperfections in the filler and sanding visited upon the boiler, smokebox and tender. Once the primer has dried, I'll have to rub down those areas again, clean things up and prime again - no big deal. Indeed, I always use this stage as a proving ground as no matter how thorough you think you are when filling and abrading, any fine gaps or depressions never show up until the light, even coat of primer is applied. Also, leaving the fitting of delicate details and handrails until later, makes it easier to address any problems.

This slight pause before reassembly and painting also allows me to double check that I've got everything correct, which is just as well. A closer study of the old black & white image of my chosen prototype reveals that I've fitted the wrong pattern of smokebox door handle - it should be of the original 'wheel' pattern, with a single plain arm beneath, rather than the later style of twin arms that I've installed. Luckily, I have suitable parts in stock to affect a quick swap. Also, I've yet to fit the old style of boiler washout plugs that stand well proud of the firebox.

I must have been rushing slightly to get to the painting and weathering stage, probably because I have just received some new airbrushing equipment to try out. Patience, Dent. Patience...


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