Mix of kits and RTR for a 1960s era Cornish freight train

I've been stocking up on china clay wagons for an upcoming feature for Model Rail, with a few Ratio and Parkside plastic kits to be assembled, plus a stock of Bachmann RTR wagons to modify to original 1950/60s condition. Bachmann's model is attractive, but the standard underframe features the later roller bearing axle boxes that need to go, as do the Ratio kits. So, I'll be raiding my stocks of MJT axle boxes and carving away plenty of plastic over the next few days. Two wagons have already been put together, so it feels like I'm making progress. I'm aiming for the flat sheeted style of tarpaulin covers, rather than the raised hoods of the post-1970s scene, so I'm looking forward to that stage...

Parkside's GWR china clay open (left) and Ratio's later BR version with vacuum brakes. I've swapped the roller bearings on the Ratio model for some spare plate-fronted oil 'boxes from the spares box.


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