Conversion kits for Hornby 'Pug' under test

ARC Models is a new name in the model railway kit world, launched last year with a small selection of 4mm scale resin locomotive conversion kits. Portraying popular industrial types, the kits are designed to fit onto ready-to-run chassis with little fuss. I have 3 kits to tinker with, each being a variation on an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST theme, intended for use with the venerable Hornby/Dapol L&Y 'Pug'.

In each kit, the resin castings are impressively rendered, with lots of smaller details supplied, such as chimney, buffers, steps, clack valves, etc. Indeed, the modeller need only add a few final touches such as wire handrails and brass knobs, lamp brackets and smokebox door handle.

I'm looking forward to making a start with this kit, with a full appraisal and building demo slated for issue 200 of Model Rail magazine.


  1. As an aside, High Level do an excellent chassis for the Pug (a bit beyond me) so throw not the body away!


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