Today was the official 'on sale' date for the April issue of Model Rail magazine (MR167), although subs copies have been arriving for the past week. We'd taken a big bundle of them to the Glasgow show last weekend but had sold them all by Saturday lunchtime. Within this issue is a feature on how I was inspired to recreate a specific short freight train, from a black & white photograph that I came across by accident.

The 4mm scale 'Jinty' is a detailed Bachmann model, with a comprehensive detailing kit fitted from Brassmasters. Representing non-vac fitted 47629, quite a few modifications were needed, including larger bunker coal rail and flat coupling rods (the model originally carried fluted rods). A full demo of the conversion appeared in my book Detailing & Modifying RTR Locomotives, Volume 2. The brake van (also a Bachmann model, as is the tank wagon) also needed to be converted to an ex-LNER style, with different handrail, lamp bracket and footboard arrangements. See the mag for more info and to see the original snap by J. Cooper-Smith that started the ball rolling.


  1. I was browsing Jinty pics for researching my own Jinty and found this and instantly rang a bell - glad you found my pic from 47 years ago worth modelling! John C-S

  2. Hi John,
    Many thanks for posting the comment - the photo was a real inspiration, stumbled upon in the Steam Railway archives by accident. Serendipity had a part to play as I think I was actually looking for images of 9Fs at the time but someone had misfiled your Jinty image into the 'BR Std' drawer! It's a shame I didn't have time to mock up a MR signalbox for the diorama's background, which would have really captured the scene.
    All the best,


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