After a little prevarication over the choice of colour, I've opted for my original fancy with a coat of BR warning yellow. The primed body was pre-shaded first with a dirty black, airbrushed into the grilles, recesses and corners before the yellow was misted over. It took quite a few very thin coats to get the yellow up to full opacity, but without obscuring the darker shading and I've also added some patches of a slightly paler yellow here and there to suggest fading. More targeted weathering will follow once the yellow has cured for a few days. Oh, and there's the 'wasp' ends to take care of too...


  1. Livery-wise, I've always liked yellow for industrials. I dont know if you've ever seen pics of the small Yorkshire Engine Co. shunters the Earl of Dudley/Round Oak Steelworks used to use? Theres very few pics on the web of these locos (the only one I found on a quick search was this one ) but theres a rather nice book called "Railways of Dudley" by Ned Williams which I'm using as reference for a layout I'm planning. The shunters were yellow with all-over thick black wasp stripes, which looked quite a pleasing livery. I'm slowly building a couple of freelance industrual diesels in 009 which will have this livery, but I reckon it might be tricky to apply.
    Loving the model-making as always btw- this blog continues to be an interesting and informative read with every post!

  2. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the comment - the yellow is looking good and, as you say, the scheme really suits small industrial locos. I can't wait to add a bit more weathering as I'm aiming for a greasy finish!
    Thanks also for the Flickr link - I'd wondered about where to confine my Wasp stripes to, but as I hate masking, I think I'll keep them fairly small - just the bufferbeams.

    All the best,


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