Further to my posting on Easter Monday, I managed to finish the assembly of the Knightwing diesel shunter kit last night. It seemed the best way of easing the stress of listening to Liverpool's eventful match last night. If things carry on with LFC's goalie crisis, then maybe King Kenny will come knocking on my door for the cup semi final against Everton this weekend. Not for me, you understand (I've retired), but for Pepsie Grobbelaar the amazing goalkeeping Collie dog.

I used to be pretty handy between the sticks in my youth, but Pepper is by far the most amazing footballing dog I've ever come across. Her positional sense may let her down a bit and Kenny would have a job getting her to stay in the box, but she certainly never gives up. What's more, she'd show those Blue Noses a thing or two about close control and aerial dominance. As long as Fellaini and Cahill don't resort to their usual dirty tricks (ie. Schmacko doggy treats) to distract her attention at corners or set plays, the Mighty Reds could have a new goalie hero to rank alongside Lawrence, Clemence, Grobbelaar and Reina...

"Pepsie. Pepsie Grobbelaar, Pepsie Grobbelaar in our goal...!" Could this cute little dog be the next Kop idol?
Getting back to the Knightwing shunter, patient rubbing down and buffing up of the bonnet assembly has resulted in a very smooth, gap-free profile (without the need for filling). Indeed, the whole kit went together almost faultlessly, as most Knightwing plastic kits tend to. A short vertical exhaust pipe, from brass tube, is the only extra detail that I've added, save for the brass buffers mentioned in the previous post. A coat of white primer will be next, before the yellow coats are added.

Also completed last night was another NCB wagon for Maudetown. A combo of Dapol body and Parkside kit-built chassis, the original P.J.& J.P. markings are still visible through the grime.


  1. Not a good idea to put Pepsie in goal. Why it was only the other month that a cat ran onto the pitch...

  2. Hmmm, you're right. That would be interesting. I'm also concerned about the amount of waste food that's likely to be floating around the perimeter of the Wembley pitch. Any Evertonians throwing hot dogs, burgers or chips (especially in curry sauce) within smelling range would have her seriously distracted...


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