Saturday, 28 January 2012


The proof's in the pudding.

May I present a few more images of the EWS Vi-Trains 47 fitted with the new Shawplan laser-cut replacement glazing pack. I've also fitted some new Shawplan wipers (pack DP4511A) and used some PH Designs etched weathering masks to suggest the sweep of the wiper blades. I'm a big fan of the Vi-Trains 47s, not least as they can be picked up from some retailers for about £40 and, if you're prepared to put in some detail work and, perhaps, a repaint then they're great value. As far as the underframe's concerened, no-one else has got captured the bogies as well as the Italians.

The factory-fitted glazing is OK, but not a patch on the Laserglaze alternative. The prismatic effect around the outside of the windows exaggerate the thickness of the plastic and the dodgy fit of the cabside glazing spoils the appearance. Well done Shawplan! I'm currently drawing up a list of other glazing packs to invest in to transform the look of many more of my diesels. 

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  1. George, I agree that the change is astounding and certainly seems quite straightforward on these ViT units... The front effect is nicely enhanced. Vey well weathered (as always, of course). Just a little infill in those marker lights and it'd be excusable for thinking this was a real loco.