Maudetown signal box almost finished.

I've said it before, but Thursday night is hobby night in the Dent household so, as Mrs D practiced her piano scales, I sat down with a bottle of beer and my acrylic paints to finish my signal box for Maudetown. As described back in October, this 'box started life as a humble Metcalfe card kit, but has been re-clad and detailed inside and out.

All that remains is to add gutters, downpipes, door handles, railings and staircase. Then a suitable sign needs to be printed, once I've refined the name. Either Maudetown, Maudetown Junction or Maudetown Colliery Exchange Sidings. The idea is to extend my colliery layout in both directions (the colliery side is already underway) including the line at the valley bottom and the link with the local branchline, perhaps with a small station if space permits.


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