With Model Rail issue 166 on sale today and my contributions for MR167 all in the bag, I'm now working on stuff for issue 168. As 168 is the Spring issue (out in late March), it feels like I'm speeding through 2012, yet it's still only January. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a bit of Spring-like weather as I'm getting fed up of the cold and short hours of daylight.  

Today, I've been trialling some new laserglazing packs from Shawplan, designed for the Class 47s of Bachmann and Vi-Trains. I've used some of these glazing packs before (CLICK HERE), albeit on different locomotives, and a Benchtest review appeared in MR158. These two glazing kits follow the same method of being fitted from the outside and are shaped to allow a friction fit that can be reinforced with clear varnish or, preferably, Johnsons Klear acrylic floor polish. 

Both packs fitted well, although I had to fettle the windscreens on the Bachmann model a bit, but this was more down to this model having been repainted than the design of the glazing. I've just completed a little extra weathering to blend the windows with the rest of the dirty bodyshells, making use of some PH Designs wiper masks. I'll post a finished image here in due course, while you can read about the project in more detail in MR168, including a demo of distressing and weathering the EWS 'Duff'.


  1. That's a timely entry George as I'm just fettling the front of a Bach 47 to take these glazing items too.... and I also found it necessary to remove some of the material around the edges. I agree that it was probably due to yellow paint accumulation, but I did find it necessary to remove more in the lower outer edges (to match the screen shape)... but not a difficult task. One thing to watch though... the etch screen surrounds are "scale", so the slightly undersize bachmann screens will sit within the inner frame edge. Well worth the change and work though.

    1. Hi Jon,
      Thanks for the comment and it's interesting to find that you've had to do the same fettling to get the windscreens to fit. I've also got a couple of sets of the etched windscreen surrounds but haven't tried fitting them yet.


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