With Maudetown signalbox almost complete, and with a number of attractive buildings awaiting use, I've been wondering about an additional extension to Maudetown Colliery. It's all a bit 'pie in the sky' at the moment as space remains a limiting factor. However, with the use of modular boards, I'm intending for the layout to be operated in either 1, 2 or 3 board form.

The colliery extension is planned and the board constructed, while I await some spare time to start laying track. On the other side of the central, existing board, I'd like the NCB line to emerge from the tunnel into an exchange siding with the BR branchline. But this might require far more space than I can manage, unless I can come up with something creative.

Over the weekend, I tried out some different configurations on my workbench, using a lovely Scalelink GWR station that I built a few years ago, plus a Townstreet goods shed. Including the latter is probably asking too much but the station should be well suited to the vaguely South Wales theme. This section is also intended to be operated as a standalone micro layout as well as an extension. There'll be some more hours of head scratching and sketching before the project goes any further...

Before too long, hopefully, trains will emerge from the other end of this tunnel into an exchange siding adjacent to Maudetown station.


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