A slightly euphoric feeling is beginning to swell inside my chest, after re-wheeling the Jones Goods loco for a photo shoot this morning. After so long, it's finally coming together. I need to mount the wheels in my bench drill and clean up the tyres before assembly can begin in earnest - they're still covered in paint overspray, as you can see in the image above. I also need to add the long boiler handrails before the shell can be finish-varnished, in a nice satin coating - it's a bit too glossy for my liking at the moment.

My target is to have the whole thing done and dusted in time for the Glasgow show in late February, so it can take pride of place in the Model Rail showcase. In the meantime, you can read all about how I lined-out this little beauty in the forthcoming issue of Model Rail (MR166), out on January 26th.


  1. That looks really lovely, George. I look foward to prehaps seeing it on display at Glasgow next month - I'll be at the show with the Cooper Hire MRC's WCML layout 'New Mills', as previewed in the current edition of Model Rail.


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