Unpainted Dapol wagon bodies should come in useful

After spending a few idle moments trawling through Hattons' website, I came across a bunch of unpainted Dapol wagon bodies at a great price. I've bought a few of Dapol's unpainted complete wagons before, as I do prefer to detail and paint my own freight stock - as well as replacing the bulky chassis with Parkside Dundas kits - but the bodies on their own were much cheaper - about £1.50 each! So, I bought a sack full!

With my regular airbrushing courses always needing examples to demonstrate on, these seemed perfect. Mind you, I do fancy using quite a few of them to create working models, with new underframes, wheels and bits and pieces. Even with the cost of the extra components, these will still prove great value models and will certainly keep me out of mischief for some time to come...


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