Dapol tank wagon gets a coating of rust and grime.

With a new airbrush to evaluate and some different techniques to try out, I've been cramming in a bit of weathering, hunkered down in my shed with the heater turned up. Autumn has arrived with a vengeance and I've had to dig out my thermals before spending too much time out in the workshop. 

This Dapol rectangular tank wagon was originally finished in a light grey livery and looked very plasticky, but a combination of Modelmates Rust Effects paint and dyes, plus a variety of Lifecolor acrylic paints - applied through an airbrush - has created more fitting appearance for a heavy oil tanker. I just need to add a few finishing touches, such as grease around the axleboxes and underframe, as well as a new number and weight markings.

Not a bad way of spending an hour in the shed, while the leaves swirl around the garden... 


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