Complete Guide to Weathering Rolling Stock

Due for release in the next week or so is the new Model Rail DVD, the Rolling Stock Weathering Expert. Joining the library of 'Expert' titles, it features a wide range of techniques for steam and modern era freight and passenger stock and looks at the use of weathering powders, pigments and dyes, as well as enamel and acrylic paints. Adding realistic graffiti, peeling paint, burnished paintwork and recreating specific types of 'dirt' are demonstrated, using simple techniques and equipment. 

Subjects include:
  • Surface preparation
  • Authentic dusty finish for aggregate and mineral wagons
  • Using powders with fixative solutions to create unique effects
  • Timber-bodied wagons and recreating the look of bare wood
  • Pre- and post-shading
  • Peeling and chipped paint, rust patches
  • Adding texture to roofs and underframes
  • Greasy deposits and staining
  • Graffiti
  • Recreating the typical steam-age look for carriages

See the next issue of Model Rail magazine for more details or see Telerail's website.

Here is a response to a comment on the subject of Model Rail DVDs, posted by Gene...
George....your DVDs are listed as compatable with Region 0 ....which doesn't exist. Canada and the US are Region 1, Europe including the UK are Region you know if your DVDs are compatible with Region1 or are they only good for Region 2?

Hi Gene, All Telerail programmes are produced in region-free PAL format, so should be playable anywhere. Maybe that's why they were listed as Region 0. NTSC versions are also available to order, direct from Telerail. For more detailed info, email 
All best wishes, George.


  1. Looks very interesting George. I have already ordered my copy and look forward to watching it so much I wear it out. Much like the other model rail DVDs I own.

  2. I love the weathering on the BLI hoppers - I used to really enjoy seeing how the rust showed up on the white, and only the limestone dust on the blue. Happy days.

  3. The DVD turned up today and I must say it contains a lot of useful info.

    1. Glad you like the DVD! We're hoping to finish off a follow up programme in 2014 looking at locos. We've filmed half of it, but I need to come up with some extra goodies to broaden the scope a bit....


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