The intrepid Mrs Dent has been travelling a lot with her job in the past year: Canada, Holland, Exeter, London, Bonnie Scotchland and, most recently, the delightful Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth. Having had my first real holiday in Aber in the 1980s, I was jealous of her jaunt on the train, although an Arriva Class 158 is no match for the double-headed Class 37s and Mk1 compartment stock of my last trip! But, I was curious to see how the station and town had changed since I last visited, so she went with instructions to take lots of photos. 

She duly obliged, but this has to be the stand out image, taken within the University. Is it real, or a clever mock-up in the Scarfolk style? I'll let you make your own minds up...!


  1. Mrs D can get plenty of that from the fields my house backs on too.

  2. Thank you for the link to Scarfolk...I have had an amusing half-hour reading the various blog entries...although "We won't forget so you can't " was my favourite...sort of Royston Vasey meets the mIghty Boosh...wonderful. While it does have a wonderful railway, Aber is a strange place...


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