Neo TRN2 shows its versatility with weathering results

Further to my last post about the Neo for Iwata TRN2 airbrush, here's an example of the weathering work I've managed to achieve while testing the new tool. The 0.5mm nozzle makes it tricky to get ultra-fine, hair's breadth streaking effects, but that doesn't mean that the airbrush can't achieve a subtle finish. I've used thinned Railmatch enamel paints here and, using an air pressure of 8-10psi, I've managed to get the airbrush right up close, getting the paint in around the ladders, walkway and filling hatch.

The paint flow limiting screw at the back of the airbrush really comes into its own when weathering at such close quarters, guarding against the risk of overdoing things and the pistol grip makes for a very comfortable experience - just the thing if you were faced with weathering a whole rake of similar wagons at the same time.


  1. Hi Gene. I had a go with the TRN1 yesterday, while I was visiting the Airbrush Co. and it's really impressive. It's better than the TRN2 when it comes to fine work and the small gravity-feed paint cup makes the whole tool less bulky and easier to use. I'd certainly recommend it!

  2. Good to know George and I might get one next spring to try. I've been using the Badger Patriot 105 for the past year and am very happy with it....but it's always fun to try new tools.


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