Monday, 2 August 2010

Stop Press! Realtrack Cl144 pics

I've just received a selection of up-to-the-minute CAD drawings, showing the state of progress on the Realtrack Models Class 144/143 DMU project. It's looking good! For more info, along with projected delivery dates, liveries and ordering details, go to

The coupling between the cars will also transmit power for smoother running.

Twin flywheels, four-wheel drive and a fully modelled interior - what more could you ask for? NEM pockets at the cab ends also allows for easy coupling of multiple units.

It looks like the level of underfloor detail will be high with numerous seperate mouldings.

And the exhaust pipe will be fully rendered - a nice touch.


  1. George, any truth in the rumour that the next colour scheme on the 144 (above) is that which is to be used on the next version of FGW?? ;)

  2. Hi,
    I've heard that rumour too. But can't comment, I'm afraid - look out for latest info on