My NCB Austerity 0-6-0 is taking shape, with the wasp stripes applied, buffers fitted, coupling rods and wheels painted, lining added and etched ALBERT nameplates installed. The lining was rushed a bit and is, subsequently, not the best job I've ever done. However, as the loco is destined for a fairly grimy, coal dust-encrusted finish, I was happy enough just to get the lines straight (they're a bit fuzzy in a few places). This is a shocking attitude, I know; but it's my loco, so there!

Once I've found a number decal, the loco will be varnished, weathered and reassembled - the motor needs re-fitting - before Albert can enter service at Maudetown. Talking of which, I managed to brave the blizzards and have almost finished the major rebuilding of my shed, which eventually will house the extension to the Maudetown Colliery layout, allowing work on the track-laying to continue in earnest.


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