OO9 loco awaits final fitting-out.
The distinctive blue and red NCB livery is favoured by the staff at Maudetown Colliery.

With a fresh coat of NCB blue and suitable lettering, ‘No.2’, Doris, is almost ready to enter service at Maudetown Colliery. I dug out some etched nameplates from the spares box (by Modelmaster Decals) and they seemed to fit the bill nicely. I’ve also fitted some shiny brass builders’ plates (Gorton Works). Once the sealing varnish coat has cured, I need to fit-out the interior, fix the chassis in place and add a little weathering. I also need to source a nice brass whistle - I'm sure I've got one lying around somewhere...

Alclad2 Klear Kote lacquer is a superb varnish medium for airbrush application. It's pre-thinned and can be built up to a glass-like finish that forms a perfect base for waterslide transfers. 



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