Featuring in the latest Model Rail (issue 163) is my special detailing article on the subject of the Class 66. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, the real things get everywhere and few contemporary layouts are complete without at least couple of them. Personally, I like the real things and there is, at least, a fair amount of variety in terms of colour schemes. Looking more closely, there’s also much in the way of small detail differences, especially on the longer-established fleets such as that operated by DB Schenker. Radio brackets, side mirrors, auto-coupler conversions and a few other ‘in-service’ mods provide the avid detailer with some challenging projects.

As my article demonstrates, one of the most visible modifications are the side mirrors and PH Designs offer a great little etched brass kit to make the job a little easier. Explained and demonstrated in full, the MR feature shows how to assemble and fit these mirrors to your ‘OO’ Class 66s, along with a few other possible detail upgrades in both ‘N’ and ‘OO’. There’s also a repainting demo on the mighty Aristocraft ‘G’ scale ‘66’. MR163 is on sale now.


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