Construction began in 2004, but this Ratio Mink has had to wait until now to be finished.

As is often the case, a search through boxes of stuff for something completely unrelated turned up this little 'OO' Ratio GWR Mink van that I'd built for a Model Rail review in 2004. The test was centred on an etched detail & conversion kit produced by Model Railway Developments - allowing the wooden door variety of van to be modelled. Improved brake gear, a replacement roof (with plenty of rivets) and a few other small bits and bobs make up the kit, which is still available (click on the link above for more details).

One of my earliest reviews for the magazine, this felt like a 'blast from the past' when I found it and, with the model left unpainted following completion of the review, I decided to finish it off. So, with a set of whitemetal buffers from Lanarkshire Model Supplies, the van has been primed, pre-shaded and painted with Lifecolor acrylics.  I just need to add the numbers, varnish and complete the weathering job before the Mink is ready for service. 

The MRD conversion kit is a little tricky to put together, especially the brake gear and door hinge/catch details, but it makes a massive difference to the Ratio plastic kit.


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