More stock for Maudetown Colliery has been taking shape, including these two water carriers. Firstly, an ex-GWR tender has been adapted to carry treated water (from the lower valley up to the Colliery's engine shed), while the European-style tank wagon has been obtained for the same purpose - perhaps as a 1980s replacement for the loco tender. The tank wagon is a Lima 'HO' track cleaning wagon, modified with larger wheels, new headstocks and extra details.

Both models are now awaiting attention in the paint shop. Look out for progress reports here, although a full demo of the conversions will appear in Model Rail mag in due course.

Plastic card and strip form the water tank extension (hiding the moulded coal bunker that I couldn't be bothered cutting out), embellished with individual rivet detail. The centre axle has been removed to help the vehicle cope with the tight track layout and a new bufferbeam and ancient Collett-pattern buffers have been fitted to the footplate end, along with handy access ladders at the rear - no doubt a safety conscious measure recommended by the unions...


  1. Hello George. I have been thinking about your dilemma concerning the combination of narrow gauge railways with your full scale system. It reminded me of something I had seen quite a long time ago.


    I think this track is 00 scale with 009 sharing one outer rail, and one inside. Obviously, you would have to go about reaplcing all of your trackwork which would be a shame, but this is the only possible way I can think of (unless you put a rail in the centre yourself and gauged it correctly)

    Hope this helps you if you didn't already know of this track


  2. Hi Chad,
    Many thanks for the comment and the tip of using dual gauge track. I hadn't been aware of this, so it's given me food for thought. I wouldn't necessarily have to lift the track on the completed baseboard as I only want the narrow gauge workings on the second (as yet unbuilt) board.

    I'll have to reassess my plans...!



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