My 'OO9' gauge narrow gauge colliery train is coming along nicely, having entered the paint shop this morning. The last few etched details were fixed in place last night and the model washed and left overnight to dry. A quick primer coat (quick-drying cellulose) was sprayed before breakfast and a few tiny blemishes were filled with Vallejo acrylic putty (another rapid-drying formula). After a few hours' rest, a coat of NCB blue (Humbrol 104 enamel) was sprayed. Once the blue is dry, I'll paint the roof, add a clear coat and some lining and detail touches.

Can't wait to get some 'OO9' track laid and get the little train running. The plan is to get the train finished in time for display on the Model Rail stand at Warley.


  1. Wonderful work George for some reason it reminds me of a Armoured Simplex. I am tempted somewhat to build a small 009 gauge layout myself. Are you still planning adding an extension to Maude colliery for a small 009 section of track? I am looking forward to seeing this and maybe yourself at Warley.

    All the best


  2. Looking forward to seeing it at Warley, regardless of competition. Looking rather nice as it is.

  3. Hi Chaps, thanks for the positive comments. I'll be taking the OO9 train to the NEC whether it be finished or not, as it's been fairly popular so far. And yes, I'm still planning a section of narrow gauge track on Maudetown... watch this space!!


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