Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Signals big and small

Had a day up to my neck in brass and solder today, assembling various etched signal kits and associated buts 'n' bobs. This impressive-looking gantry is a OO kit from Traintronics (see to compliment its range of colour light signals, while the tiny 4-aspect signal is from NBrass Locos (

Although the gantry looks very delicate (the individual parts are and liable to distortion if not handled carefully), once assembled, it makes for a fairly tough, rigid construction. It was quite good fun to build, too, although a good 12hours work. The N gauge signal was much trickier - no surprise there - and I think I chose the wrong route in trying to solder all but the light shades, but it worked out well in the end. This is a dummy unit, though I'm sure someone with better experience of N gauge electronics could get this working with fibre optics and such like.

Anyway, they've both just been washed thoroughly in Cif detergent and are now drying in the airing cupboard before a coat of grey primer tommorrow.

Nice ladder and handrail detail on the Traintronics gantry.

This tiny 4-aspect signal is from NBrass Locos.

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