Another project is now 99.9% complete, namely the long-running Lima Class 122 railcar. Wearing a drab coat of Departmental olive green, the real unit was in use as a route learning vehicle during the late 1970s. Indeed, the model itself dates from about the same time, being based on an ancient Lima Class 117 power car, with a Craftsman Models conversion kit - and some scratch-built parts - added, plus a new Hornby power unit.

I'm just waiting on some Ultrascale wheels and there are a few bits that need tweaking ever so slightly. But apart from that, the model is ready to trundle around. Look out for the full project in Model Rail magazine, while the painting of this model features in the forthcoming Model Rail DVD, The Definitive Airbrushing Expert. Out soon...


  1. Hi George, did you use a southeasten dmu glazing pack on this?? I am just getting a 121 toward the weathering stage and snappped the windscreen getting them out! Also which wipers did you use? Any help apppreciated - thanks

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is a South Eastern Finecast flushglaze pack, although I'm not very happy with it. I don't know if you can tell from the image, but some of the windows sit proud of the surface giving a fishbowl sort of appearance, while others sit a bit deeper. I could probably have made a better job of fitting them, with a thicker glue or 10thou' plastic shims on the inside to get the surface of the glazing flush. In fact, I was planning on re-doing it but then heard that Shawplan are in the process of making up a Laser-glaze pack for both the Hornby and Lima DMU cars (the windows are different sizes on each, amazingly!). They haven't set a release date for this yet, so I'm hanging on.

    Oh and the wipers are plastic ones I found in the spares box. I've a feeling they were from the Lima Class 101, but I may be wrong. Shawplan do some very nice large pantograph wipers that are perfect for DMUs, however.


  3. Hi George,
    thanks for this - really helpful. I might e-mail shawplan and see what the state of play on the windscreens are...although my own 121 project seems to have been dragging for months and I want to get it finished!!!!
    Keep up the good work - the 121 looks fantastic.


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